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 Emil Lestat

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PostSubject: Emil Lestat   Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:30 pm

Basic Information/Appearance

Emil Lestat


Male, though often mistaken as a woman



125 lbs.

Hair Color:

Eye color:
Light Green

Skin Tone:
Light Tan

Lean and unmuscular, womanly


Developing Features

To start things off, Emil is often mistaken as a woman, though he always has fun with playing along with the honest mistake for a brief amount of time. His personality is laid back and untempered. That being said, he often doesn't think before he speaks, and unlike his blade form, his words are quite blunt. He'd rather be honest with someone and hurt them in the short run than lie and have it spiral into something in the long run. Just like his Meister, he's a typically friendly fellow who can get along with just about anyone, so long as they don't take offense from his honesty. The only thing that does seem to get under his skin is Keizer and his showy bravado.

Due to his thieving past, he doesn't show any faults in small actions of theft as well as slight deceptions that won't hurt anybody. He's an excellent liar, though he doesn't do it often. He's also a smooth-talker, and usually can weasel his way out of trouble with a little smile, lie, and play on his innocent and feminine face. Though he doesn't like to admit it, he will allow others to believe he's a woman in order to get free drinks or other things from swooning men. With that said, he harbors a crush on Miaki, but knowing she only feels friendship toward him, he's kept his feelings to himself. He will grow jealous if Miaki pays too much attention to another man that isn't he or Keizer.

Emil isn't ambition, but doesn't mind the idea of being a Death Scythe one day. He isn't outwardly looking and working to become one on top of Miaki's efforts, he's much too easy going for that. In his studies, he's oddly quite the student. He retains information easily and always does well on exams, and yet never seems to go out of his way to study or put in an effort. This drives both Miaki and Keizer to bouts of frustration on many occasions.

Emil was raised in a small village much like Miaki was, the only difference being that the people were much different than rural farmers. His village was a run-down village of thieves, and he was taught the art of deception early on in his childhood. The trait of being a Weapon had been dormant in his family for generations, but once it started arising within him, he was shunned by most as a freak who was now only useful because he could intimidate people with his sudden and uncontrollable half-transformations.

Life went on like this for a long while, and Emil eventually grew to have his transformations under control. He couldn't quite make them appear when and how he wanted them to, but he could now hold them back and stop his arms from randomly forming into blades. He was mostly alone now, never shown compassion, and always having to fend for himself. That is, until, his life took a turn in a direction he hadn't dreamed of on one fateful day.

He had been hidden in wait for a passing transport vehicle rumored to have been heading in the direction of his village. The rumors had proven to be true, and he wasn't the only one who was eager to rob the passengers blind. He wasn't the only one who had to fend for himself, so he knew he had to be quick in order to get a chance at one of the riders. As the vehicle was halted and he sprung for attack, Emil instantly knew who his victim would be. There was a young girl, quite a sight for sore eyes, diving toward a stick on the ground. A half smile crossed the thief's face and he leaped toward her.

It was the perfect opportunity. A beautiful maiden, perhaps a more beautiful wallet. A perfect crime. Well, except that as he loomed over the girl, she swung the branch toward him, and in a blur, his entire world fell into blackness. He awoke, dazed and tied up, in the same car he had tried to rob, leaned next to the same girl he had tried to rob. Fate was a cruel beast.

Once he regained his wits, Emil was strangely embraced by the girl's friendly banter, as if she didn't realize he had tried to take everything from her. The other passengers gave him glares or even refused to look at him, but she didn't. Reluctantly, he began to respond to her starry eyed conversations about a place called the DWMA and Meisters and, to his surprise, humans that could become weapons... just like himself. He, too, became fascinated with the notion. He had been shunned for being a weapon, shunned for being what he was and yet there was a place that embraced people like him... who could train him. Once they finally arrived at Death City, Emil departed not as a thief, but a weapon partnered to a soon-to-be Meister. What could possibly go wrong?

Store of Power


Miaki Ethiar
Keizer O'here


Weapon Type:
Sword (Pictured Below)
Special Move:
Not yet discovered

Kishin Souls
Witch Souls:
Human Souls:
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PostSubject: Re: Emil Lestat   Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:07 pm


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Emil Lestat
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