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 Keizer O'here

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PostSubject: Keizer O'here   Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:59 pm

Basic Information/Appearance

Keizer O'here





140 lbs.

Hair Color:

Eye color:

Skin Tone:

Lean muscles, though not too bulky


Developing Features

Keizer is quite the chivalrous gentleman who believes in theatrics. He can't sit and do something quietly, he must make sure to make a show of it. He loves extravagant gestures and being a bit... showy. This doesn't always make him the most popular person, but it's a great balance for the timid and laid back personalities of his partners. Being a gentleman, he treats women with the utmost respect, and can't stand anyone who so much as looks at one without good intentions. He's also not a fan of bullies, and often gets into fights on behalf of those that couldn't defend themselves. This is, perhaps, reflected in the fact that he is a shield.

Keizer's personality usually drives most people away, and being a non-weapon weapon lead him to not having a partner for the duration of his first year at the DWMA. He was often teased for this fact, but he quickly learned to push off the harsh words. In fact, just like a shield, any insults or harassment bounces right off of him, and he couldn't care less to give into the provocation. It is only when others are attacked does he do anything about it. Academically, Keizer is quite determined and spends many sleepless nights trying to study. No matter his efforts, he usually only pulls decent grades, especially in comparison to Emil.

In battle, Keizer is a fairly cunning strategist and natural leader of a group. Though he's at the whim of his Meister, he does his best to offer strategy and strengthen the group. Because he's the most outspoken and experienced of the three, this is a familiar role for him to take. On his own, he will even use half-transformation to turn his forearms into shields and block with them while using their blunt edges for offensive gains. Because he was partner-less in his first year, he is rather good at fighting on his own. He will protect both Emil and Miaki at all costs, even his own life. He wouldn't be much of a shield otherwise, right?

Emil was raised by Weapons that chose to not affiliate with the likes of the DWMA or Meisters, but he himself felt isolated within his family. Once old enough to make his own decisions, he left to further his abilities and found himself in Death City, quickly enrolling in the strange DWMA as a Weapon to help hone his skills and make a difference, unlike his unmotivated family.

Within his first, hopeful year, however, he never could find a Mesiter to stick with him. His first handicap was being a non-combat Weapon, something not common in the Meister arsenal. Because of this, many new Meisters refused to give him a second look when it came to choosing a partner. With anyone who did give him a shot, most out of pity, he was found to be too hard to work with, especially in offensive battles. He was a blocker, yes, but not a very good weapon to fight back with. Eventually, he was cast off to work in special solo classes and hone his skills of partial transformation, in case he never found a partner.

When Miaki and Emil first wandered into the DWMA, it was Keizer, as the black sheep of his class group, who was assigned to help the newcomers adjust to life at the DWMA and hone their skills. At first, he was respectfully distant, still slightly bitter that he had to play babysitter for procrastinating students that waited so long to join the school. Eventually, though, he found himself bonding with the group. He actually looked forward to his extra instruction sessions and working with the weapon and Meister. Then, to his surprise, when working on resonating with others, Keizer felt himself fall into sync with Miaki. As Emil became a sword, landing gracefully into Miaki's hand, Keizer, too, found himself become a shield... and falling onto the ground as Miaki instinctively jumped out of the way of the hazard. Laughing, the Meister picked Keizer off from the ground, dusted off the dirt due to Keizer's disdain of being dirtied, and held the shield against her other arm. From that day forward, Keizer had found his Meister. He had just never imagined he'd have to work with another Weapon... and one that was so womanly too. Life was full of surprises, and for whatever reason, the group of three misfits were brought together to do great things. He didn't have to be the weapon everyone expected him to be, that was Emil's job. Instead, he could be the greatest shield and defender of his friends. That was his purpose now.  

Store of Power


Miaki Ethiar
Emil Lestat


Weapon Type:
Shield (Pictured Below)
Special Move:
Not yet discovered

Kishin Souls
Witch Souls:
Human Souls:
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PostSubject: Re: Keizer O'here   Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:15 pm


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Keizer O'here
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