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 Cher Ethel

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PostSubject: Cher Ethel   Sun Nov 30, 2014 3:13 pm

Name: Cher Ethel

Age: 17

Gender: Girl

Type: Meister

Height: 5'6

Weight: 110

Hair Color: Red

Eye color: Red

Skin Tone: Pale

Body: Frail

Cher stands at five foot and six inches tall, her frame is considered thin or sometimes even called frail; it's not that she tries to lose weight she just never sees the point in eating when there is so much else to do. Her face keeps itself with a slightly more sharp and pointed angling to her jaw and cheek bones, this keeps her usual expression to something of no nonsense and completely serious, no matter how she may feel. It is rare to see Cher's face to contain a smile on it, she thinks it is way too much work to be arsed with the curving of her lips, usually just letting out a fake laugh when somebody attempts to joke.

Cher's red eyes can hold a multitude of different looks to them, the round red orbs giving off a plethora of emotions constantly outdoing what can be shone with her facial expressions. the casual look she holds is usually based around the current personality taking over her mind at the moment. While normally she holds a calm, almost caring look. This changes drastically when she turns to a more sadistic side. her eyes become as sharp as the weapons she fights with. While this personality is in control she tends to have a look that seems to be leering at others, be it on purpose or not her stare had enough ump to bring a weak willed man to his knees. Finally there is the last personality that takes her over, while in this one her face becomes much more rounded, her eyes become relaxed as she carries an almost worried expression in them.

Cher has red, flowing hair. The ponytail that she dresses her hair up in snakes down her body like a river of fire, not ending until it reaches her upper thigh. Her bangs are all brushed downward but aside from that she allows the hair to flow as it does naturally, not wanting to be bothered with styling that far. Cher will usually keep the ponytail in place with some kind of decoration such as a ribbon, or her favorite a small metal bell. She had a complete set of these bells, one silver, one gold and finally a rather dull bronze one.

While outside of her home she is usually only seen wearing a common school style outfit. Although some may consider it uncomfortable, she prefers it, not to mention it decreases the amount of shopping she is forced to do. While on a mission Cher will dress accordingly, if going somewhere cold she will throw a jacket, coat or cloak over the school outfit. No matter how she is dressed she will always wear some kind of Tennis shoes or sneakers, giving her a good grip for whenever combat may arise. Her strictly work dresser usually adds to the more work less play style that people associate her with.

As for more precise detail; Cher usually has some kind of ribbon on the front of her outfit, she prefers the color red but any will work, as long as its fairly large and frilly, some may say its weird and doesint fit in with her but it has become a habit to wear one for her. If Cher forgets to put a bell or ribbon in her hair the style of her hair will be oddly different as she tends to run her fingers over her head and through the red hair continuously as if a nervous disorder.

Personality: Cher has DID, or split personality disorder. Her normal self, or regular personality is a somewhat common high school aged girl, she thinks of how her day is going to go, what others think of her and even sometimes going as far as to think of a boy. Cher usually keeps a steady eye on people, she has never been one to trust others with easily. Depending on how the other person goes about presenting them self, she may go as far as to immediately dislike said person. In Cher's mind first impressions are everything, that's not to say she has to try to look or act appealing while first meeting somebody, she goes to the point of hypocrisy with this, judging other based on how they look and act yet not caring about her own behaviors. While in battle her already strict personality hardens into no joking around.

Cher's second personality is one that only appears while outside of combat. It is most often triggered when she remains outside of any form of conflict for a set period of time, be it physical, verbal or mental. This personality takes a much more Tsundere stereotype. Cher turns into a much more social person. While she does talk more she doesint come right out with what shes saying, she will take on a more shy personality, being a shy social, talking even when not needed but never really being confident in her words. While this Persona is active she has a habit of trying to impress, or just plain help others.

Chers final personality swap is incredibly aggressive. It is usually triggered whenever she is harmed, if its even a small scratch from an opponent or somebody calling her names. Once she enters this personality she will immediately lash out at the whoever caused her the pain, if no weapon is in her hand she will more than likely try and slap the perpetrator. While in this personality Cher becomes ruthlessly aggressive, often shouting out taunts to her opponents or just straight out mocking them. If she is in a group she will try to insult her way to the head of the group, in hopes of leadership over the party.



Partner: None


Weapon Type:

Special Move:

Kishin Souls 0

Witch Souls: 0

Human Souls: 0
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PostSubject: Re: Cher Ethel   Sun Nov 30, 2014 10:49 pm


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Cher Ethel
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