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 Freedom at Last: Pt 02: Chance to Shine

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PostSubject: Re: Freedom at Last: Pt 02: Chance to Shine   Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:21 am

"Well, as they say, there's a first for everything~!" replied Death.

"Although many of the courses have spiritual involvement, there isn't much hassle in allowing you to be excused from them. Besides, that's not all there is to the course. In fact, you could probably become a very strong weapon without the need to partake in spiritual related lessons. Meisters partake the most in spiritual lessons anyway, so you needn't worry too much as a weapon. Just as long as you avoid any interaction or inflammation of your soul," explained Stein.

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PostSubject: Re: Freedom at Last: Pt 02: Chance to Shine   Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:47 am

[Mild timeskip showing up]

"I guess that means it's time I hit the books to read up on things," Kurai sighed lightly, tilting his head a bit. Thinking about books wasn't necessarily something he liked. "And then an extra just to see all the different methods a soul can be inflamed with." He turned and scratched the back of his head lightly. "Which means I probably won't be leaving that little apartment I was stuck with for about a week or two... Which is probably for the best since I'm still trying to adjust to all of this." He raised a hand and waved it lightly at Death. "I suppose you're going to be sending people to check on me regardless, so farewell Death. Should I need you I'll contact you; not like I have anyone else I could..." He spoke his last words with a bit of uncertainty and sorrow.

It was after the week passed that Kurai sighed to himself, closing yet another book and tossed it onto a couple of small piles he had in front of his shelf. "Book nine," he complained lightly. "The excess book about, whatever..." He rubbed his eyes lightly; it was already time for another day at the academy to begin, and it was his first day to actually show up to class; however, he couldn't help but yawn having stayed up the entire night. He was already sitting down, though he collapsed back onto the ground on his back. "Do I have to go," he asked out, but it wasn't like anyone was even there to hear him. "Stress and doubt... Two things that can trigger it... I guess its best to just be calm at all times." He got up, grabbed his newly-purchased bag and trotted on to the academy, walking into the doors a bit late for courses. "At least they'll never have my head," he sighed. "But where am I even supposed to go?"

[Timeskip was for a bit of a break for him due to all the recent events. It's easy to pick up on for Jonathan and whatever Ai's evil plans are though ;p]
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PostSubject: Re: Freedom at Last: Pt 02: Chance to Shine   Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:55 am

"Yeah you do have to go." Jonathon said, as he came up along side Kurai. "Sorry to be the bearer of that news, but at least head master Death is sending me to keep you from truancy as opposed to someone higher up. They might be a bit quicker to force you through physical means to get to class." He walked next to the Kishin and fiddle with the strap of his own back absent mindedly. "Death switched my schedule around a bit to be in line with yours. I've already gotten my requirements out of the way. All I need to graduate is to get partnered, but so far they've either not gotten along with me, or not been compatible with my spirit."

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PostSubject: Re: Freedom at Last: Pt 02: Chance to Shine   Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:29 am

Kurai sighed lightly when Jonathan showed up; just as he thought he'd get to head to class alone, his apparently appointed keeper showed up. "You don't have to force me anywhere," he told him. "Death knows how I behave... He's like a second father, well, from my perspective," he told Jonathan lightly. He scratched the back of his head. "I suppose I should just call him father since he's the only authoritative figure alive around me; he'd probably disapprove though." He turned his head to Jonathan. "I use to be like you: a highly-intelligent meister with great potential... Things hit the fan and I ended up caged up for a long time. You can see what events have supposedly happened." He then pointed his attention to his wounds, putting a hand over his torso. "I doubt I'll ever get the chance to ignore it happened, especially with holes riddling my body from that mission." He sighed a bit to himself before his tail flailed a bit, accidentally swiping Jonathan's bag, though Kurai quickly caught sight and pulled it to his side. "And I'm not even sure if we're compatible. Being a weapon is a new thing to me, and I really don't want to resign my freedom over just to be told I can graduate." He turned his head to look away from Jonathan. "Surely you can understand that... So I hope. Most meisters freely enslave their weapon partners and just use them; very few permit them that much freedom."
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PostSubject: Re: Freedom at Last: Pt 02: Chance to Shine   

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Freedom at Last: Pt 02: Chance to Shine
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