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 Partners Unite : The Scythe That Can't Transform Finds a Meister? [WIP]

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PostSubject: Partners Unite : The Scythe That Can't Transform Finds a Meister? [WIP]   Sat Dec 13, 2014 8:33 am


Students that had previously flooded the hall exited through the doors, each of them now with a new partner, one they would be bonded with for a very long time. Except for two.

At one end, Blair, a short-height meister, klutz and airhead. On his chest was a label, "Meister".

On the other end of the hall, Rei Hunter sat against the fall, an even shorter weapon, with a short temper and feisty nature. Coupled with the fact that she could not yet fully transform, she too was an unpopular choice of partner.

As it turned out, there souls matched very well, though they did not know that at this point. Blair's accepting, trustworthy and trusting nature worked with Rei's feisty and untrusting nature. Rei's laid-back nature worked well with Blair's picky, perfectionist nature and would have a positive effect on him. Rei was more mature in nature where as Blair had a very young and childish nature, in which case they both helped each other. Rei's confident and feisty personality also helped Blair's shyness.

As everyone left the hall, they both realized that they were the last ones left. They both shot each other glances, but then quickly looked away again. In fact, it was about 5 minutes of awkward silence until one of them spoke, and it was no surprise who spoke first.

"So I guess... Do you wanna be... partners?" said Rei, looking away with an embarrassed expression on her face, shrugging her shoulders from side to side as she spoke.

"Oh..! Uh... Okay~!" replied Blair, merrily, yet a little awkwardly.

Rei then shot a look at Blair, almost angrily. "So what, are you gonna eat or aren't you?" she said, standing up and heading towards the door without checking to see if Blair was following or waiting for him to catch up.

"Right..!" replied Blair, following Rei out of the hall.


Blair and Rei sat opposite at a two person table in the DWMA cafeteria. There hadn't been much conversation so far. Most students had other friends that weren't just their partners, but Blair and Rei had both come to the DWMA with no one else, they literally had no friends there, of course this was the very beginning of the semester, and they were both sure that they would be able to make friends in some shape or form. After some silence, it was surprisingly Blair who broke the ice. He looked down at the table as he spoke. "I-I'm sorry that no one picked you, I know that I'm not the ideal partn-" he began, but was interrupted by Rei. "What kind of person apologizes to someone for being their partner?" she snapped. She then sighed and began speaking again, "You don't need to apologize... I mean to be honest I'm not very ideal either, I can't even transform..." She suddenly looked at Blair with an astonished look and gasped, in awe at the fact that she had said such a thing so easily, especially to someone who was practically a stranger. She then look away and folded her arms. "I mean, not that I'm a lousy Weapon or something."


Later on they were in training class. The teacher instructed weapons to transform, which is when the first slip up occurred.

"Alright, focus!" said Rei, closing her eyes and letting out a noise of concentration, "Hnnngggggghhh..." Suddenly... she transformed! Well, partly. Everything below her left knee turned into a blade, causing her to slip and scrape the floor. She looked around embarrassed, before transforming her leg back to normal and sinking down. "Why did I sign up... I can't even transform..." she muttered quietly to herself. Blair looked down at her, having picked up on what she said. "That's why you signed up silly~! To get better!" he replied. Rei quickly jumped to her feet. "What'd you just call me?" she muttered angrily, before noticing Blair's frightened expression. "Uh.. What I meant to say was..." she began looking away, "I mean I guess what I mean is... Tha...nk..." She folded her arms and continued, "Ah forget it."


After the school day was over, Blair walked merrily away to find the dorms, while Rei headed the other way. After reaching their dorms, they were each led to their rooms. Blair was in a double room with a boy of the same age as him, a pleasant person but still not someone Blair felt open enough with. He tucked his teddy bear under his pillow, secretly of course, before drifting off to sleep. Rei was put in a dorm with two partners, making her feel a little a little left out. They tried to include her, but their efforts were pretty futile. Luckily, that was only temporary accommodation, and Blair would be moved to the girl's dorm in a room with Rei after their partnership became official.


As the new students of the DWMA entered the building for the second time, they prepared to sign up for their partnerships. At the entrance, Blair eagerly awaited Rei's arrival. Much in tune with the scythe girl's personality, she was one of the last students to arrive. She looked tired and unorganized, nothing out of the ordinary for her. Blair greeted her and hurried into class with her.


The first order of business was the official joining of partners. Each pair was registered to later be assigned dorm rooms. Afterwards the students were immediately plunged into training class.

"Alright, weapons, transform so we can begin the training," bellowed the voice of Sid.

Many students struggled with their transformations, some not able to completely transform, but Rei was the only one who still could barely transform at all. She lifted her leg and, like the previous day, her leg below her knee transformed into a scythe blade. She balanced on the other leg while trying to fully transform but it wasn't working. Sid approached her and offered help.

"Don't worry, a lot of new weapons have difficulty transforming at first. Close your eyes, picture the sharp blade hiding within your soul," he advised.

Rei transformed her leg back to normal and begin to focus intensely. After a few seconds, she began to glow and change and shape and suddenly... she...! Failed!... Sort of? Although her body had not changed shape, scythe blades had sprouted from her forearms and knees like batwings.

"My, you don't see this every day. Although you're not fully transformed, you've acquired the qualities of an autonomous weapon, a weapon that can fight without a meister. Many Death Scythes have this quality, although you're going to struggling getting to that stage without being able to work with a meister. For this lesson, you can fight on your own with your meister giving you advice, But I don't think the DWMA will be able to assign you any missions until you're able to fully transform. Just remember what I said and keep trying, you'll get there soon," he said, after moving to the front of the class.

"S-sorry, I guess this isn't going to be very helpful to you...", said Rei.

"Don't worry, I bet you'll be able to transform real soon~!" encouraged Blair.

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Partners Unite : The Scythe That Can't Transform Finds a Meister? [WIP]
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