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 Miaki Ethiar

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PostSubject: Miaki Ethiar   Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:43 am

Basic Information/Appearance

Miaki Ethiar





110 lbs.

Hair Color:
Light burgundy

Eye color:

Skin Tone:

Lean, but athletic


Developing Features

Miaki is a friendly individual who lacks many social skills. She's quiet, but not totally reserved and can keep an idle conversation with a stranger if she had to. Among friends, she's more outspoken, and loves to playfully tease and joke with them. She would never consider bullying, harassing, or attacking someone without any provocation, but doesn't mind defending herself if someone does it to her first. Though, she is quick to forgive and move on most of the time. She's quite shy around new people and social situations she wasn't expecting, so she can act a bit off if something like that were to arise, though only because of her own nerves. In school, she's a mediocre student. She is intelligent, yes, but she also tends to skip studying or focus in class in exchange for absently doodling or occupying herself with other activities.

Like most meisters, she strives to one day make her weapons Death Scythes, though she's always wondered why scythes were singled out, and realizes that she needs to put in double the effort in order to make that happen. Among other goals, she wants to become an accomplished and strong meister herself, no matter if she doesn't descend from a heritage of them or a heritage of anything notable. She'll do everything she can to not let down the people that depend on her, especially her weapon partners.

In battle, Miaki often relies heavily in defensive maneuvers and up-close attacks. She usually aims to quickly end her foe as painlessly as possible. She tends to push herself to her limits while refusing to allow too much harm to her partners and allowing them to do the same. If it comes to a situation that collateral damage would become an issue, she wouldn't dream of taking that sort of risk. She isn't fond of inflicting pain, but knows it comes with the job and accepts that it's an inevitable action.

In terms of soul resonance, her friendly nature usually tunes to other's souls quite nicely. However, because of her timid tenancies, the connection may not be very strong at first until she becomes familiar with them. Her lack of focus is another potential hindrance. Although she has a pair of male weapon partners, she sees them as friends and partners, and doesn't feel romantic interest toward either.

Miaki was born a single child in a small, farming community. She quickly became disinterested with the life of a farmer as she grew older, though, and set off on her own as quickly as she could. Through her own travels, she came across tales of powerful humans that could become weapons and work together with others that could share power with the weapons and fight against evil. It was fascinating to her.

After exploring the stories of epic Meisters and Death Scythes, Miaki was soon hooked. Of course, her rural travels were far from the school for Meisters and Weapons, which she had learned to be called the DWMA, and it took her a year of odd jobs and work to save up for meager meals and travel to the great school run by Death himself. All of her work finally paid off, and she found herself on the road to becoming a Meister herself... a road that did eventually hit a snag.

As her ride was traveling through a particularly notorious town of people who would often attack travelers, it came to no surprise that it was exactly what happened. Their car was suddenly jumped by a group of thugs, and a fight ensued. Miaki, new to combat herself but determined to help, showed natural talent by using a thick club-like stick to help fend the thieves off. It was at that moment, as she swung the club against a poor thieving woman wielding a knife that her life took a turn and sharpened her resolve to become a Meister. For the "woman" she had knocked unconscious was actually a young man. After most of the thieves were driven away, leaving those dead or unconscious to fend for themselves, that Miaki's group made plans to depart as quickly as possible. Despite protests, the girl felt bad for her victim and took "her" on board for fear that he'd die if they just left him. Eventually, the two became weapon and partner as they reached the DWMA.

Miaki, though older in age than a lot of the newer students, was eventually welcomed into the DWMA for classes after passing the physical exams and an entrance test, though barely on the latter. Through her studies, she met an older student elected as a mentor for the older pair of Miaki and Emil due to his lack of a Meister despite him being more advanced in his studies. His name was Keizer, and he, too, became partnered with Miaki once they struck up a close friendship. Now, she's working hard to be the best Meister she can be and continue her, well, lack of studies at the DWMA. She's still got a lot to learn, but history has to be made somehow, right?

Store of Power


Emil Lestat
Keizer O'here


Weapon Type:

Special Move:
Not yet discovered, due to Miaki's newness to being a Meister

Kishin Souls

Witch Souls:
Human Souls:
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PostSubject: Re: Miaki Ethiar   Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:02 pm


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Miaki Ethiar
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